What Is the Agreement Buttercup Makes with the Prince

Buttercup and the Prince`s agreement is a pivotal moment in the classic novel and movie, “The Princess Bride”. This agreement ultimately leads to the couple`s reunion, but there`s more to it than just a happy ending. In this article, we`ll explore what Buttercup and the Prince`s agreement entails and its significance in the story.

The agreement between Buttercup and the Prince, whose name is Humperdinck, is made after the Prince`s soldiers capture Buttercup and take her to his castle. Buttercup initially believes that the Prince is rescuing her from the kidnappers, but she soon learns that he plans to marry her against her will. The Prince`s ultimate goal is to start a war with a neighboring country by framing them for Buttercup`s kidnapping and murder after the wedding.

Buttercup is understandably distraught and desperate to escape this fate. She turns to the Prince`s right-hand man, Count Rugen, for help. Rugen promises to help her escape in exchange for a favor, which Buttercup agrees to without knowing the specifics.

That favor turns out to be the agreement she makes with the Prince. The Prince promises to send his finest ship to look for Westley, Buttercup`s true love who she believed to be dead. In return, Buttercup agrees to marry the Prince and become his princess.

At first glance, this agreement may seem like a desperate move on Buttercup`s part, but it`s essential to her character`s growth and the story`s overall message. Buttercup must make a difficult decision to sacrifice her own happiness for the greater good. She knows that by marrying the Prince and becoming his princess, she will have the power to influence his actions and potentially prevent a war. This decision shows that Buttercup is more than just a pretty face – she is a calculated and strategic thinker who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

In addition to Buttercup`s development, the agreement also sets the stage for the final confrontation between the heroes and villains of the story. Westley, who is actually alive and well, sets off to rescue Buttercup from the Prince`s clutches. His rescue mission ultimately succeeds, and the two are reunited and able to start a life together.

In conclusion, the agreement between Buttercup and the Prince is a crucial moment in “The Princess Bride”. It shows Buttercup`s growth as a character and the sacrifices she is willing to make for the greater good. The agreement also serves as a catalyst for the final confrontation between the heroes and villains of the story. It`s a reminder that sometimes we must make difficult choices in order to achieve our goals, and that true love can conquer all obstacles.