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Frequently Asked questions about Past Life Regression

Absolutely, you will recall the entire regression process as I assist you along the way. Unlike stage hypnosis, Past Life Regression does not involve actions or experiences that you won’t remember. Throughout the session, you will remain conscious and deeply relaxed. Therapist Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, will ask you questions and provide guidance as you embark on the journey. Your task is simply to relax and allow any thoughts that arise to flow naturally, while I support you throughout the process

To ensure a smooth session, make sure you have a quiet and undisturbed environment for at least 2-3 hours. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to fully relax. You’ll need a laptop with a stable internet connection, as well as headphones with a built-in microphone for an Successful Past Life Regression Session. Find a recliner or bed to lie down on during the session. Dim the lights in the room and avoid drinking water for an hour prior to the session. Using an eye cap can also be beneficial.

Setting clear intentions is crucial during a Pre-Session. You can have up to two intentions, and it’s important to be honest and transparent. Download the intake form from our website, write down your answers in your diary, and later email pictures of those pages to me. The intake form serves as the foundation for a fruitful session, so take your time to provide comprehensive responses. Before sleeping, pray to your Masters, higher self, or any higher energy you believe in, seeking their assistance in the Past Life Regression session. Additionally, listen to the provided audio at least four times (up to twice a day) before the actual session to prepare your subconscious mind.

There are misconceptions and myths surrounding Past Life Regression Therapy. During a Past Life Regression sessions, we invoke the assistance of our Higher Self, Nature, God, Spirit Guides, or Masters (according to personal beliefs) to guide us to past lives relevant to our session’s intention (Sankalpa) and connected to our current life situation. This process helps us uncover the root causes behind our present manifestations. Through forgiveness, prayers, and seeking healing from the Source in our soul form, we address and resolve these situations. The entire session lasts a maximum of 2-3 hours and offers a profound spiritual experience. However, it does not fragment or negatively impact our current memory. On the contrary, it reveals valuable lessons we can learn from those past lives. The amount of memory retained from one session is comparable to that of watching a movie.

Typically, I guide clients through 2-3 past lives in a session, although we may focus more on a single life depending on the session’s flow. Many individuals discover past lives they shared with close bonds in their present life, such as soulmates or family members in previous incarnations. We may also explore moments after death and the onward journey of our souls to different dimensions, where one may reunite with loved ones or undergo a healing process to release emotional baggage from past lives. Each life explored is a unique journey and often leads to significant realizations and understanding for days to come.

Yes, you will receive a video recording of your online session. This allows you to revisit and refresh your memories of the experience. Keeping a record of the session is essential as it provides a background for future Past Life Regression Therapy sessions.

While not everyone is guaranteed to go back in time, based on my experience, it is quite rare for someone not to have past life recall. Occasionally, individuals who firmly believe that past lives do not exist or approach the experience with skepticism may create mental blocks that hinder their ability to fully surrender to the process. However, approximately 95% of my clients have multiple past life experiences during each session. All you need is a genuine curiosity and a willingness to fully immerse yourself in the exploration.

No, the decision of which past life memories to recall is made by your subconscious mind based on the intention you have set for the session. You will remember the past lives that are ready to be revealed to you. While we have all likely lived numerous past lives, it is your subconscious and higher self that determine which ones will be visited during your session.

No, I do not have access to your subconscious mind. My role is to guide you in relaxation and facilitate the opening of your subconscious so that you can remember past life experiences. I will not influence your thoughts or ask leading questions. Instead, I will encourage you to expand on what you are already perceiving.

Yes, with your consent, I can guide you to the time of your death and the moments immediately following. Rest assured, this process does not cause harm or trauma. Instead, it offers a new understanding of yourself and sheds light on certain behaviors and patterns carried into your present life. I also provide the option to explore the time between lives, again, only with your consent.

The regression itself typically lasts around 2 hours, followed by a discussion about your experience. To allow for adequate time for pre- and post-session conversations, it is recommended to set aside at least 2-3 hours. The session duration will ultimately depend on the unfolding of the experience, as each session is unique.

I prefer conducting Past Life Regression sessions online via Zoom. This allows us to have a face-to-face meeting remotely for as long as needed. Prior to the session, I will provide you with a link to our online meeting. Read more on the advantages and authenticity of Online sessions at:

The cost of a successful Past Life Regression Session with Healing is generally Rs. 4000/- to Rs.8000/- in India for a duration of 2 to 3 hours. Payment can be conveniently made through bank transfer or Google Pay. Once the fee is paid, we will proceed to schedule a 30-minute pre-session discussion, followed by preparatory sessions for 4 – 6 days and then the actual 2-3 hour Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) session on the day fixed for it. It is essential to establish an energy exchange with the therapist. While it may be tempting to offer PLR sessions for free or at discounted rates, it is important to recognize the significance of energy exchange in the effectiveness of this therapy. By ensuring a fair exchange, where the client can afford the actual price, the therapy has a higher likelihood of producing positive results. The energy exchange plays a vital role in the dynamics of the therapeutic process.

Yes, Gopal is a certified Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer from International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) in the United Kingdom.

Past Life Regression Curriculum is affiliated with IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), UK:

Additionally, he has extensive experience in Heartfulness Meditation for more than 2 decades and has been a Heartfulness Trainer for many years now. He conducts free Meditation sessions for everyone at Kanha Shantivanam, Hyderabad where he is stationed now. He offers professional trainings on various modalities, including Past Life Regression, The AfterLife (Life between Lives), Akashic Records, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Healing, Womb & Age Regression.

It’s important to note that not everyone will vividly see their past lives with great detail, as often portrayed in movies. Experiences can vary, especially during the first regression. Some clients may have clear visual impressions, while others might receive fragmented or vague memories. Information can be conveyed through various means, such as physical sensations, intuitive knowledge, vivid cinematic memories, or flashing mental images. It is best to focus on the images and feelings experienced without worrying about their logical sense or authenticity. Trusting whatever comes to mind is key.

During the session, as you ask questions, the spiritual realm communicates with you through the universal mind, which your human mind decodes via your subconscious. Your imagination serves as a tool to interpret this information. It is not uncommon for some individuals to feel that they have fabricated the experience afterward. Understand that imagination is the medium through which we decode messages from the spiritual realm. If the universal mind had a human brain and voice, it would directly convey its messages. However, since it doesn’t, we act as conduits for communication. Think of imagination as the paint, paintbrush, and canvas, while your feelings and relaxation serve as the connectors. Trusting your feelings is essential, as they are a reliable vehicle for communication. Remember, we are engaging with our consciousness, which is eternal and everlasting.

Yes, we have students who have done training from our Past Life Regression Institute- M/s. HeartNest, and are conducting successful Online Past Life Regression sessions now.