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Past life regression Online Session by Gopal Maheshwari

What Is Past Life Regression?
How does Past Life Regression work in an Online session?

Online Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a spiritual regression aimed at uncovering memories and experiences from previous lifetimes stored in our subconscious minds. It suggests that unresolved events from past lives influence our present lives, including our health issues, repeated patterns of wealth issues or losses, and relationship issues. 

During an Online Past Life Regression session, Mr. Gopal Maheshwari guides you into a relaxed state where you can access these memories from Past lives through vivid imagery, sensations, feelings, and intuitive insights. Gopal will regress you to that specific past life, which is based on your intention (why are you doing this past life?)  to get exact answers related to the intention. 

That’s why he spends a lot of time in a Pre-Session, understanding your issues, and helping you make the right intention for the session.

By exploring past lives, you can gain insights into patterns and lessons that have shaped your current existence. The best part of an Online Past Life Regression Session is that you can feel or see everything. 

Unlike other healing modalities where you have to have faith and acknowledge what the healer says, here you will experience the instances of past lives and get the realization that certain things are happening in your life. For Gopal, online past life regression goes beyond therapy. 

Gopal uses scientific methods and his psychic skills to regress his clients back to specific lives where they can see the life that has the root cause of their present life karmas. 

Clients realize the root cause of issues happening in this life, and after realization, the most important part, often missed by other therapists, is the healing with the help of one’s own spirit guide as well as the client’s spirit guide.

Emotional Healing through Past Life Regression: Gopal Maheshwari
Online Past Life Regression Therapy by Gopal Maheshwari

During Past Life Regression Therapy Online Session, by releasing negative emotions, energies, curses, promises, and agreements from previous lives, it helps resolve issues in the present. It’s a beautiful spiritual session that gives insights into your previous life’s karmas, you may also call it as Karma Healing.

The process leads to profound emotional and spiritual healing, providing clarity, purpose, and a deeper connection with one’s authentic self.

Mr. Gopal, one of the best past life regression therapist in India, hails from Delhi but is now settled in Kanha Shantivanam, Hyderabad. He is Certified Trainer and all the certifications are accredited by International Association Of Therapists, UK. 

The difference between Mr. Gopal Maheshwari and other therapists is that Gopal comes from a spiritual background and has meditated for more than two decades with Sahaj Marg, now also called Heartfulness, where he is a trainer and gives free meditation sessions to many, so he has a deeper knowledge of spiritual science, which helps him in his profession of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy Online Sessions and AfterLife Regression Therapy.  Past Life Regression hypnotherapy for spiritual regression has its roots in ancient science and was later developed in the West as a therapy.

Gopal has accessed knowledge from ancient Indian literature by Sage Patanjali, where he was taught Yoganidra and Prati Prasav, and he has also taken latest updates and diploma Past Life Regression and Afterlife Regression, which is also called Life Between Lives Regression in the West.

Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer
Online Past life regression Meditation

He is fascinated by the works of Dr. Brian Weiss, especially his best seller “Many Lives, Many Masters,” and Dr. Michael Newton, and has read all their works, finding inspiration in them.

Past-life regression Meditation is also done for spiritual evolution. Buddha taught that Anantarabhava can be used to understand the causes of our current suffering and help us achieve enlightenment. 

By meditating and going deep into our subconscious, we can gain insights into the karmic patterns from past lives that have led to our current situation – Buddha

The same process is done in an online hypnotherapy past life regression session by Gopal Maheshwari, one of the best past life regression therapist & trainer in the country.

If you have a question in your mind like: How Past Life Regression Therapy Online Session be done? Is it possible to release Karmik baggage in an Online session?,  How do I resolve relationship issues? or How do I have a Regression Therapy Online? Or How to read Past Life Online? Then you must contact Mr. Gopal Maheshwari and get testimonials or real life case studies on regression hypnotherapy.

In conclusion, past life regression is a beautiful spiritual experience that every being should undergo to understand the lessons and purpose of this life. It helps us understand what Mother Nature is trying to teach us through repeated patterns of problems, whether they are relationship issues, health concerns, or financial challenges. Everything that comes into your life has a purpose, and understanding past life regression and spiritual regression is a must.

Past life regression in Hindi or English can be done online or face-to-face. Now one doesn’t have to search for Past Life Regression therapy near me. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are two feet away or 20,000 feet away; all you need is a proper Wi-Fi connection and a laptop for a successful past life regression therapy Online via Zoom call.

past life regression therapy Online by Gopal Maheshwari