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🔹 Your instructor, Gopal Maheshwari is a Certified Trainer from International Association of The Therapist (IAOTH) in the United Kingdom.

🔹 Curriculum is affiliated with IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), UK. With extensive experience and hundreds of successful sessions, he is a renowned authority in the field of past life regression.

Introduction: Introducing the extraordinary visionary Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, a remarkable individual who is dedicated to giving back to society the invaluable gifts received from Mother Nature. With a profound understanding of higher consciousness, this remarkable soul has embarked on a mission to share their wisdom and transform lives through the power of past life regression.

Gopal Maheshwari’s journey as a past-life regression therapist has been full of surprises and very fulfilling. It has taught him not only to follow his instincts but also to listen to the experiences and stories of those whose lives he touches professionally. He has been blessed to practice the beautiful methods of Past-Life Regression, Afterlife Regression, and Akashic Records Reading.

Reach: Across six countries and beyond, this enlightened individual has been spreading his knowledge by conducting Online Training in the fascinating realm of past life regression.

Uncover the Perfect Guide for Your Journey:

Ten Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer

Ten important tips, which you must consider before selecting your Past Life Regression Therapist / Trainer

  • Certified Trainer by International Association of Therapists (IAOTH): Gopal Maheshwari holds the “Certification as Past Life Regression Trainer” conferred by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) in the United Kingdom. This certification validates his expertise and competence in training individuals in the field of past life regression, not only that, he has been practicing Heartfulness Meditation for over two decades, but he has also been a long-time trainer. Under the guidance of his beloved Master, Rev. Kamlesh D Patel, also known as Daaji, Gopal has conducted numerous free meditation sessions at Kanha Shantivanam in Hyderabad, India.

  • Affiliation with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM): The curriculum offered by Gopal Maheshwari is affiliated with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) in the United Kingdom. This affiliation ensures that the training program adheres to recognized standards and practices in holistic medicine and holistic therapies, including past life regression.
By highlighting these certifications and affiliations, it demonstrates the trainer’s commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and providing quality training in past life regression therapy.
    • Demonstrating Proficiency in Online Past Life Regression Sessions: In today’s digital age, many trainers claim to excel in performing online Past Life Regression sessions and guarantee 100% success in conducting them remotely. However, it is crucial to ensure that your trainer demonstrates confidence and proficiency in online PLR sessions. Requesting them to conduct a PLR session on a discounted fee, for you or provide a demo session on request can help validate their expertise in this format.


    • By experiencing an online Past Life Regression session with your trainer, you can assess their ability to guide you effectively through the process using remote techniques.


  • Access to the Global Market: Learning how to conduct Past Life Regression online is of significant importance as it provides access to the global market. By mastering online techniques for Past Life Regression, you can expand your client base beyond a specific local area, eliminating dependency on proximity and reaching a wider audience.
  • Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional face-to-face Past Life Regression training methods often involved expensive travel and accommodation costs. online training offers a level of flexibility that in-person training cannot match. Students can learn at their own pace, and from anywhere in the world. This means that they can fit their training around their existing commitments, whether that be work or family responsibilities. Another advantage of online past life regression certification courses is that they are often more affordable than in-person courses. This is because there are no overheads associated with renting a physical space for training, and students do not need to pay for travel or accommodation.
  • No-Touch Therapy: Past life regression is a no-touch therapy that works with energy and the subconscious mind. Therefore, it truly doesn’t matter whether the trainer is just 2 feet away or located 20,000 kilometres away.The physical proximity of the trainer is not a determining factor for the effectiveness of the training. A skilled teacher can effectively guide you and enable you to become a competent PLR therapist, even through an online class.
  • Comprehensive Approach: An essential aspect to consider is whether your trainer will teach you Afterlife Regression and Healing techniques involved in Past Life Regression? Without Healing, Past Life Regression is of no use. When conducting past life regression, our approach extends beyond the point of death in a past life. We guide our clients’ souls to the higher realms, allowing them to encounter their Masters, Soul family, and Soul council.
  • Understanding Life’s Purpose: In addition to exploring past lives, we help clients understand the purpose of their current life. Through Afterlife regression, we delve into the lessons to be learned in this life, providing valuable insights and guidance for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

By incorporating life between lives regression and past life healing techniques into the training, we offer a more comprehensive approach to past life regression. This enables students to explore the spiritual dimensions beyond past lives and gain deeper insights into the purpose and lessons of their current existence.

  • Spiritual Background It is crucial to check the spiritual background of your trainer. Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, has been devoted to the Sahaj Marg tradition of Rajayoga Meditation System, now known as Heartfulness, for the past two decades. This foundation in spirituality brings depth and understanding to his practice as a trainer.

  • Recognition as a Heartfulness Trainer: Mr. Maheshwari has received recognition as a Heartfulness Trainer at the Himalayan Ashram (Satkhol, Uttarakhand), under the guidance & blessings of his Revered Master, Sh. Kamlesh D Patel, affectionately known as Daaji, which aligns with the spiritual nature of his personality and helps him conduct Professional Past Life Regression Training.

  • Conducting Spiritual Sessions: Mr. Maheshwari conducts both online and face-to-face Past Life Regression (PLR) sessions at his private office within the premises of Kanha Shantivanam Ashram, Hyderabad, India. This highly energized location near Hyderabad serves as a conducive environment for spiritual practices, enhancing the quality of the sessions and the overall experience for clients.
Checking the spiritual background of your Past Life Regression Trainer ensures that they possess the necessary spiritual foundation and understanding to guide you effectively in the realm of past life regression and life between lives.
  • Spiritual Perspective: Past life regression therapy is viewed as more than just therapy—it is seen as a spiritual science. Understanding the spiritual aspects of past lives, karma, and metaphysics is essential for effective practice in this field.

  • Metaphysical Approach: Past life regression therapy goes beyond traditional psychotherapy. It involves delving into the metaphysical realm, working with energy and emotional blockages, accessing subconscious and super conscious states, and seeking guidance from spiritual masters and guides.

  • Guided by Spiritual Masters: Releasing emotional or karmic baggage from past lives requires the guidance of a highly evolved spiritual master. The Living Master provide inner guidance to therapists, enabling them to work with clients on exploring karmic lessons, understanding their life’s purpose, and facilitating the release of past-life imprints.
By recognizing the spiritual dimensions of past life regression therapy and the importance of spiritual understanding and guidance, therapists can approach this practice with depth, sensitivity, and a holistic perspective.
  • Commitment to Reasonable Costs: In recognition of the increasing need for therapists by the year 2025, we are committed to imparting training at a very reasonable cost. Our aim is to make training accessible and affordable for aspiring therapists.

  • Competitive Pricing: True to our commitment, we charge one-third of the fees imposed by other well-known Past Life Regression Trainers in India. We understand the importance of ensuring that training remains affordable without compromising on quality.

  • Serving Humanity: Our primary goal is to serve humanity by equipping individuals with the necessary skills to become therapists. By offering training at an affordable cost, we aim to ensure that there are an ample number of therapists available to meet the growing needs of the world.
By providing affordable Past Life Regression Training, we strive to contribute to the development of a compassionate and skilled workforce of therapists who can make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.
  • Direct Inquiries through Phone Calls: Beyond relying solely on videos, consider checking Google reviews and student testimonials. We provide the opportunity to directly inquire about experiences through phone calls. By requesting testimonials over a call, you can gauge the confidence of students and assess if they have successfully conducted Past Life Regression sessions Online via Zoom.

  • Reviews and Testimonials as Evidence: We can assure you that we have reviews and testimonials from our students, serving as evidence of our credibility and effectiveness. These testimonials reflect the positive impact of our training on their journey.

  • Conference Calls with Former Students: For additional reassurance, we can arrange conference calls with our former students who have successfully established themselves as past life regression therapists. This allows you to directly hear their experiences and gain further assurance about the quality of our training.
By considering the experiences shared through reviews, testimonials, and direct conversations with former students, you can make an informed assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of your trainer.
  • Genuine Subscriber Count: When examining your trainer’s Instagram and YouTube profiles, be aware that some trainers artificially inflate their subscriber count by purchasing thousands of subscribers. However, the lack of genuine engagement, such as likes on their videos, may be indicative of a lack of authentic audience.

  • Content Observation: Always observe the content on their YouTube and Instagram channels. Look for additional information provided aside from their own advertisements. Genuine trainers often share valuable content, insights, or educational resources related to their field of expertise than their advertisement videos.

  • Authenticity and Transparency: Pay attention to whether the trainer maintains authenticity and transparency in their social media presence. Genuine trainers focus on providing valuable information and connecting with their audience rather than relying solely on self-promotion.

  • Assessing Credibility: By thoroughly examining the trainer’s social media profiles, you can gather insights into their credibility, professionalism, and commitment to sharing authentic knowledge and experiences.
    • Generosity towards the Community: Look for mentors who go beyond monetary matters and self-promotion. Evaluate if they offer freebies like meditation classes aimed at uplifting the community or create free guided meditation videos to help people cope with today’s mental pressure like anxiety and stress.


    • Heartfulness’s Commitment to Free Meditation Sessions: At Heartfulness, guided by our Masters, we have been conducting free meditation sessions for thousands of people since 2016. We believe in the power of offering meditation sessions without any cost.


    • Hypnotherapists Providing Free Guided Meditation: As professional hypnotherapists, we have provided numerous free guided meditation and relaxation sessions on our YouTube channel. These sessions are completely free of charge and are designed to assist individuals in dealing with the stresses of everyday life.


  • Making PLR Therapy Accessible to everyone: We offer discounts to clients who may not have the means to afford expensive past life regression (PLR) sessions. Our belief is to make our services accessible to those in need, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from Past Life Regression therapy.
  • Direct Contact with Your Trainer: Consider whether your therapist is available for contact through WhatsApp or phone calls upon request. Having direct access to your trainer ensures personalized guidance and support after the training.

  • Prioritizing Accessibility and Open Communication: We prioritize accessibility and maintain open communication channels with our students. We provide our personal WhatsApp number, allowing them to reach out in case of emergencies or any necessary assistance.

  • Respect for Restrictions and Timings: While maintaining accessibility, it is important to note that certain restrictions and specific timings may be in place. These are respected by everyone involved to ensure a balanced approach to communication and support.

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