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Past Life Regression Online Session with Gopal Maheshwari
Gateway to the Subconscious: Past Life Regression Online Session

What is Past Life Regression Online Hypnotherapy, How does it help?

Gopal Maheshwari

Past Life Regression Exploration: During past life regression online session, clients are guided to explore their subconscious mind and uncover memories and emotions from previous lives that may be connected to their current life challenges.

Pre-session Preparation: Before the main past life regression online session, there is a 15-minute pre-session where the client’s intentions and present life challenges are understood. The client is also provided with an audio relaxation to listen to for 3 to 4 days, helping them prepare for the main session.

Main Past Life Regression Session: The main session typically lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Through guided relaxation and imagery techniques, the client’s conscious mind is relaxed, allowing them to access specific past lives based on their intentions. Important moments from these past lives shed light on the reasons behind certain experiences in their current life.

Releasing Negative Emotions and Energy: As therapists, we assist clients in releasing negative emotions and energy from past lives at a soul level. This process helps untangle the knots and challenges they face in their present life.

Spiritual Science and Karma: Past life regression is seen as a spiritual science that goes beyond traditional therapy. It is rooted in the concept of karma and takes a metaphysical approach to address various aspects of life.

Inner Guidance and Spirituality: Releasing emotional or karmic baggage from past lives requires a strong spiritual background and the guidance of an evolved spiritual master. Working with energy and emotional blockages, we access the subconscious and super conscious states to understand karmic lessons and seek wisdom from spirit guides during Past Life Regression Online Session.

No-Touch Therapy: Past life regression is a no-touch therapy that focuses on the subconscious mind. The physical distance between the therapist and client doesn’t matter, as the therapy relies on the client’s spirit guides and masters to facilitate the session.

Past Life Regression Online Session: Professional online past life regression sessions are conducted in English and Hindi. With stable internet and a laptop, clients can have a transformative past life regression experience online.

Training Opportunities: past life regression Online training and afterlife regression is also available. These sessions and classes may have a cost associated with them, but they offer truly transformative experiences.

By understanding past life regression and its spiritual nature, clients can embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, addressing the challenges and lessons of their current life.

How Past Life Regression Online Session is far more effective than Face to face Traditional Session:

Past Life Regression is conducted through a Zoom Video call, offers several advantages compared to in-person sessions. Here are some of the benefits of online past life regression, along with real-life examples

Online sessions allow people from anywhere in the world to access past life regression therapy. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who do not have local practitioners or who face mobility or transportation challenges. For example, someone living in a remote area without access to past life regression therapists can easily connect with an online practitioner like Gopal Maheshwari, an expert therapist and past life regression trainer.

This therapy is a NO-Touch therapy, which means it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting 2 feet away or 2000 miles away from the therapist. As long as you have a stable internet connection, a good headset with a mic, and a quiet place where you can undergo a three-hour online session without disturbances, you can experience the therapy from the comfort of your own.

Online past life regression opens up a wider range of practitioners and specialists. Clients can choose from a larger pool of therapists with specific expertise, increasing the likelihood of finding a professional who resonates with their unique needs. Many seekers connect with Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, (recognised by International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, UK) from different parts of the world, seeking regression therapy focused on spiritual exploration in Afterlife. Look at reviews, where our clients have appreciated Gopal as best past life regression therapist in the country.

Online sessions provide enhanced scheduling flexibility compared to in-person appointments, allowing clients to connect with country’s best Past Life Regression Therapist, such as Mr. Gopal Maheshwari who operate in different time zones or have adaptable availability to accommodate their busy lifestyles. This level of flexibility is especially advantageous for professionals, parents, or individuals with irregular schedules, as they can request sessions during early mornings or late evenings to cater to overseas clients or those unable to take leave during typical daytime sessions due to work commitments.

Online past life regression can provide a greater sense of anonymity and privacy for clients who prefer to keep their therapy confidential. Some individuals may feel more comfortable discussing personal experiences and emotions when they are not physically present in front of the therapist. This anonymity encourages a more open and honest exploration of past lives.

Online sessions can be easily recorded with the client’s consent. This recording allows clients to revisit their past life regression experiences, analyse them more deeply, and gain further insights over time. It also serves as a valuable resource for self-reflection and personal growth.

Online sessions provide the convenience of participating from the comfort of one’s own house. Clients can choose a familiar and relaxed environment where they feel safe and secure. This comfort often leads to a more open and effective exploration of past lives.

Past Life Regression Online Session is Better Than traditional face to face session
Process of past life regression Online Session ​

Process of Past Life Regression Online Session

Online sessions for past life regression are just as effective as face-to-face sessions. This therapy is a NO-Touch therapy, which means it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting 2 feet away or 2000 miles away from the therapist. As long as you have a stable internet connection, a good headset with a mic, and a quiet place where you can undergo a three-hour online session without disturbances, you can experience the therapy from the comfort of your own home. Let’s explore how online past life regression is typically conducted by Mr. Gopal Maheshwari:

1. Initial consultation: The process begins with an initial consultation between you and therapist Mr. Gopal. Through a 15 minutes Zoom call, you discuss your intentions, goals, and specific issues to address through past life regression. This sets the stage for a trusting therapeutic relationship.

2. Pre-session preparation: Mr. Gopal provides instructions to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. He shares relaxation techniques and guided meditations, including YouTube links, to help you enter a conducive state of mind.

3. Regression session: On the scheduled day and time, you connect with Mr. Gopal online via Zoom. He guides you into a relaxed state using visualization, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. 

4. Induction and exploration: Once relaxed, Mr. Gopal begins the induction process. Through visualizations and prompts, he guides you to access past life memories, uncovering answers and insights related to your current issues.

5. Facilitation and exploration: Mr. Gopal facilitates the exploration of past life memories by asking open-ended questions. You describe what you see, feel, and experience, recounting vivid details, emotions, and physical sensations associated with those past lives.

6. Resolution and healing: Throughout the session, Mr. Gopal assists you in understanding the significance of past life experiences. He guides you through reflection, forgiveness, healing, and releasing negative emotions or patterns tied to those past life events.

7. Integration and post-session discussion: As the regression journey concludes, you gradually return to full awareness. You and Mr. Gopal discuss insights gained, addressing questions and concerns. He provides guidance on integrating experiences and applying newfound wisdom to your present life.

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