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Bridge between Worlds: Past and Life between lives

The concept of AfterLife Regression, also known as Life Between Lives (LBL), refers to a form of Spiritual Regression Therapy aimed at delving into the interval between an individual’s past life and their present life. This therapeutic approach involves inducing a profound state of relaxation in the participant, with the therapist facilitating the retrieval of memories or experiences from the transitional period between their previous incarnation and their current one.

In an AfterLife Regression session, Gopal Maheshwari, guides the individual into a deep state of relaxation, allowing them to access subconscious memories and explore their spiritual journey. As the person reaches a heightened state of Super-consciousness, he assists them in recalling and understanding the
significant events, encounters, Soul family, why chose this body for this life, and lessons that transpired during the interim period between their past life and present life.

During these sessions, individuals often report vivid recollections of encounters with deceased loved of connection to a larger spiritual framework.

It is important to note that while After Life Regression holds deep spiritual significance for many individuals, it is not universally accepted within the scientific community. Skeptics often attribute the experiences reported during After Life Regression sessions to the workings of the subconscious mind, metaphorical interpretations, or vivid imagination. However, proponents of After Life Regression argue that it can provide transformative experiences, personal insights, and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Life Between Lives: A Spiritual Regression

The Afterlife Regression, also known as Life Between Lives Therapy in the West, is a profound experience and an advancement beyond past-life regression. It goes beyond the physical body and delves into the state of being between incarnations, where one exists as an immortal soul. 

“Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression” explores the period after the death of one life and before the next incarnation, commonly referred to as “The Afterlife.” 

Mr. Gopal Maheshwari, a Past Life Regression Therapist and Trainer, employs the latest techniques to help you relax and then he guides you into a deep hypnotic trance or an altered state of consciousness in an online session over Zoom.

In this state, you can visit past lives, explore significant moments, understand the root causes of issues in your present life, heal, and ultimately reach your death moment.

Beyond that, you can access the soul memories of past lives in the Higher Realms, guided by your Spirit Guides and Masters. During this spiritual journey, many individuals experience healing, unconditional love, and a sense of oneness with their Soul family, soulmates, divine beings, and healing angels. 

Dr. Michael Newton’s Hypnotherapy case studies provide numerous examples that demonstrate the metaphysical aspects of this experience that extend beyond scientific understanding..

life between lives hypnotherapy for spiritual regression
Life between lives online regression session with Gopal Maheshwari

The topic of Life After Death remains mysterious, and many people wonder what exactly happens to the soul after death. It is a question that everyone must explore for their own spiritual evolution.

Understanding why the Soul incarnated with certain relatives, the purpose of this life, and the challenges faced in this life are essential aspects of this exploration. 

The Between Lives Soul Regression is gaining popularity as it provides a transparent and profound understanding of current life’s lessons, encourages introspection into life’s purpose, broadens perspectives on life and spirituality, instils confidence in being guided, loved, and cared for, and facilitates liberation from inhibitions and traumas through seeking forgiveness or forgiving others.

During the initial session, we visit a few past lives to uncover the precise reasons behind current life issues through past life regression. Subsequently, we proceed to the After Life Regression session based on our intention

It is crucial to have clarity about the questions you seek answers to in order to achieve the best results. Gopal assists you in setting your intentions for both the Past Life Regression and The Afterlife Regression sessions.

Gopal Maheshwari, a certified trainer from the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) in the UK, and a Past Life Regression Trainer at UrbanPro,  gives After Life Regression training and conducts sessions online, He wholeheartedly engages you in an Online Between Lives Session process with love and without judgment.

Awaiting Lessons in the Life Between Lives Session
Feel the Reflective Interlife Pathways in Online LBL Session

In the session, you are guided to relax physically and mentally. The session typically begins with deep hypnosis to aid concentration and detachment, leading to a highly expandable state of consciousness. Initially, you recall happy memories from your current life, followed by a regression to your earlier stages of life and even to the womb to determine if the root cause of the problem lies in your present life.

 From there, we delve into the specific past life that holds the root cause of your current life issues, the focus of the session. Once you witness the past life and the final moments of that specific life-death scene, your soul enters a superconscious state, ready to explore higher realms in what we call “Now-time.” In this state, you are not incarnated but can meet your Inner Soul Family, Spirit Guides, Masters, and other high-level beings collectively known as the “Soul Council.”

 Through this encounter, your questions are answered, leading to the realization of your potential and helping you discover your current life’s purpose. Every Therapist has his own way to understand Life Between Lives Regression, Gopal Maheshwari, during a AfterLife regression,  access the Akashic Records, a vibrational record library that may provide guidance and answers to specific questions about current and future life events.

The session typically lasts 3-4 hours, during which we review the session highlights and the overall experience. Clients emerge from the session feeling light-hearted and exhilarated. They are presented with the facts of their past journey, enabling them to gain a spiritual perspective that aids healing and liberates them from the victim’s perspective, propelling them towards a more fulfilled life. They also gain a clear sense of their life purpose, facilitating positive progress. To connect with us, you can reach us on WhatsApp or email us.

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What happens to the soul after death
  • Preparation: Prior to the session, the therapist acquaints the individual with the afterlife process, addressing their concerns and aspirations for the therapy. To facilitate subconscious access, an audio script is provided, which the individual is encouraged to listen to at least 4 to 6 times.
  • Profound Relaxation: Employing techniques like visualization, meditation, or hypnosis, the therapist leads the individual into a state of deep relaxation, allowing them to enter a heightened level of consciousness.
  •  Exploration of past lives: Once the individual achieves a deep state of relaxation, the therapist aids them in delving into memories and experiences from their previous incarnations. This may entail the therapist posing questions about past lives or guiding the individual through visualizations of significant events in their past.
  • Exploration of the life between the past life and current life: Following the exploration of past lives, the therapist assists the individual in accessing memories and experiences from the transitional period between their previous incarnation and their current one. This phase involves reaching the super-conscious state, venturing into the spiritual realm, encountering spiritual guides, connecting with their soul family, engaging with the elders at the soul council, undergoing spiritual healing, and even visiting the Body selection room to gain understanding about the purpose behind their choice of the current body for this particular incarnation.